Mysteries of the Orient…

by Pollzable

Dear my lovely readers,

I apologise. It has been far too long, I know. I have little cause for my not having written, other than the fact that moving half way across the world turned out to be slightly more of a hassle than I had originally thought. However, I recognise that this is not a hugely great excuse and so, for April and May, I shall be writing two posts to make up for the lack of in January and February.

Sunset from my dorm <3

Sunset from my dorm ❤

So. Beijing.

Where to begin?? So much seems to have happened that I barely know where I should start! The first thing I must tell you is that China is so unlike anything in Europe. The cultural differences between the UK and Germany seem now to be minuscule in comparison to the cultural differences between Europe and Asia! To start with, China is huge, meaning that their cities are H-U-G-E, both geographically and from a population density standpoint. The bustle of Beijing really puts Europe to shame and the phrase ’24 hour city’ seems to really be the case here! Shops, cafes, restaurant and cinemas are open every day of the week for hours upon hours before the darkness sets in and night markets spring to life. It is a truly amazing lifestlye and I feel that every moment of my being here is not only helping my language ability, but also my cultural understanding of Beijing.


Ablaze with life~

Ablaze with life~

Night Market

Night Market

Unlike in Germany, for the next few months, I will just be studying in China, rather than working, and that in itself is a very different experience. Right from the get go, I was surrounded by new friends and classmates, all eager to learn the language and culture of not only China, but also where everyone else is from! I am lucky enough to have met a lot of international students from America, Denmark, Sweden, Japan and Korea so far and am endeavoring to find more!

IMG_9995 IMG_6199 IMG_6186 IMG_0166

Unfortunately, a lot of my time in Beijing so far has been spent settling in, finding my way around the campus and studying, so I have not yet had a chance to tour any of the big sights, apart from this one:

German Section:

Am fünften März, bin ich und meine Freunden nach die Olzmpische Stadium gegangen. In 2012, war ich einmal schon gewesen, aber dieser mal, hatte ich es im Nacht gesehen. Ich muss sagen, es war wirklich wundershön! Vielleicht besser im Nacht, die Lichte könnte man von überall sehen! Weil es noch nicht Frühling war, war es doch richtig kalt, aber ich habe noch spaß gehabt!

Beijing 2012 Olympic Stadium

Me and some friends 🙂

All in all, Beijing is truly wonderful. The lifestyle here is just so different to everything I had experienced, and I absolutely cannot wait to share this wonderful adventure with you!


Until next time where I shall talk more about food, shopping and other such fun stuff!